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29 Weight Loss Tips From Women Who Have Lost 100 Pounds

It’s hard work to lose weight, for sure. Sometimes you need a little inspiration. Get it from these women have each lost almost 100 pounds — or much, much more:

1. Start small.

“I began walking or jogging for 15 minutes a day. I worked up to 30 minutes, and then increased it again. It was a very gradual process.”

2. Don’t give up when your weight loss plateaus.

“I remember hitting the first plateau and feeling so defeated, but you have to push through and keep putting in the effort for your plan to work. You can’t get discouraged.”

3. Be realistic about which habits need to go.

“When I was heavy, I’d eat French fries every single day, plus carbs at almost every meal — like a sandwich for lunch or bread with pasta for dinner. A diet so heavy in fried food and carbs just isn’t conducive to weight loss. To lose the weight, I went from three large meals a day to six small meals, mostly made of fresh vegetable salads with lean meats and nuts. And no more bread!”

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Brianna Blank, 19, from Westbrook, Connecticut

Courtesy of Brianna Blank

4. Find a healthy meal you like and eat it all the time.

“In college, I researched the food available in the dining hall to find the healthiest options, settling on a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with mustard. I ate that for most lunches and dinners — and I was so focused on achieving my goals that it didn’t even feel repetitive.”

Maria Gordon, 28, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland

5. Start with one small change.

“I realized that a lot of sugar and calories that I consumed came from drinks, so I challenged myself to drink only water — no sugary drinks! — for 30 days. After just one successful week, I decided to add another challenge: to cut back on the carbs I was eating. When I did eat bread, I switched to wheat bread and when I wanted rice, I used brown rice.”

6. Make your old favorites healthier.

“I’ve always loved burger and fries, so I also started making healthier versions of foods that were familiar to me, like turkey burgers with wheat bread and sweet potato fries.”

7. Prepare for heavy meals.

“When I know I’m going out for dinner, where I’ll probably want to eat extra calories, I eat lighter meals throughout the day, like a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch.”

8. Switch out bad snacks for good snacks.

“I used to snack on chips, candy bars, and other junk food throughout the day, but now I eat a set six times a day. My new snacks include protein bars or shakes, pistachios, celery sticks with PB2 (a lower-fat peanut butter), and low-fat string cheese.”

9. Order smarter salads.

“I cook most of my meals at home now but make healthy choices at restaurants like Applebee’s if I go out. For instance, while I used to eat tacos, burgers, fries, and shakes, I now have salads without croutons and ask for a low-fat dressing on the side.”

10. Cook for yourself.

“I bake fish with olive oil or make barbecue-style ground turkey. I eat green beans, carrots, celery, low-fat cottage cheese, string cheese, pistachios, olives, low-fat yogurt, grapes, and tangerines. And I usually don’t feel hungry.”

11. Double down on veggies if you’re unsatisfied after eating a snack or meal.

“If I’m still hungry, I turn to vegetables rather than junk food.”

12. Pack snacks for late nights at work.

“At my heaviest weight, my downfall was eating fast food on my way home from work at 9:30 or 10 p.m. Now I bring food and snacks to work so when I get home, I’m not starving and feel more in control.”

13. Say no to free refills.

“I used to drink diet and regular pop regularly — restaurants gave me refill after refill, and I would lose track of how much I drank. Now I ask for water instead of pop, which I’ve given up altogether.”

Sara Lugger, 36, from Oxford, Michigan

14. Don’t stock foods that tempt you.

“I don’t keep ice cream in the house because I can’t say stop myself from going back for more helpings. This way, I have to go out and buy a single-serving ice cream cone when I want to indulge. Even then, it’s just one helping, and then I’m done.”

15. Move during your lunch break.

“During my lunch, I’ll walk on the treadmill at work or outside for 30 to 40 minutes.”

16. Stash snacks everywhere.

“I carry meal replacement or protein bars in my purse and car to eat whenever I miss a meal. This way, I fend off hunger so I don’t overeat later.”

17. Eat more often.

“I switched from three meals a day to six small meals a day.”

18. Split restaurant meals with a friend.

“When I share meals, I end up eating smaller portions without being tempted by leftovers on my plate. If I don’t have a person to split a meal with, I immediately put half of the portion I’m served into a takeout box, and vow not to pick at it for at least two days.”

19. Lift weights to lose weight.

“While cardio has

helped me burn fat

, power-lifting has been such a huge part of my success: Lifting heavy weights with a trainer really helped me sculpt my body. After about four months of training, I was able to squat holding 360 pounds — 25 pounds more than I weighed when I began my weight loss journey.”

20. Move even on rest days.

“I work out six days a week and take an active rest day once a week where I hike or take a yoga class.”

21. Take responsibility for unhealthy habits.

“It’s still hard for me to admit that I was a binge eater. At least once a week, I would stop at a bagel place on my way to school and order a bagel with cream cheese, and a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on a hard roll, and a sausage, egg, and cheese on another bagel — I’d even buy three drinks so the staff would think I was picking up breakfast for three people. Then eat all three sandwiches in my car. I called it an addiction, but that was just an excuse.”

22. Don’t use exercise as an excuse to eat poorly.

“When I began my journey, I decided that I didn’t want to “ease” into a healthy life. I immediately cut out all the unhealthy foods I was eating so I wouldn’t use my fitness program as a license to continue to eat poorly under the guise of “Well, I’m working out, so it’s OK.”

23. Keep it simple.

“I take a minimalist approach to nutrition: My diet consists of lean protein (chicken breast, egg whites, ground turkey), complex carbs (quinoa, sweet potatoes, oatmeal), healthy fats (coconut oil, almonds, avocados), and leafy green veggies. I eat as clean as I can — locally grown vegetables, organic when possible, and minimally processed everything.”

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24. At the grocery store, shop the perimeter.

“Everything I need is in the produce section, at the meat counter, or in the dairy section. I avoid the center aisles of the grocery store unless looking for specific pantry items like quinoa or oatmeal.”

25. Prepare food in advance.

“I eat five small meals a day, but only prepare them twice a week in big batches so that everything is made and ready to go when I get hungry.”

26. Schedule a weekly cheat meal.

“I allow myself one cheat meal a week right after my hardest workout and use it as a way to indulge in foods I crave mindfully while still staying on track.”

27. Drink all the water.

“I carry a gallon of water with me all day long until it’s finished. Dragging it around campus looks ridiculous, but I don’t care.”

Tanisha Shanee Williams, 30, from Brooklyn, New York

28. Put on music when you don’t feel like going to the gym.

“Being physically active has nothing to do with going to the gym, but moving your body and burning calories is what matters. When I don’t want to go, I just turn on my music and either dance or hula hoop with my niece.”

29. Treats don’t belong in your house.

“I don’t keep juice, chips, or cookies in my house because they’re treats: I don’t eat them every day. Time to time, I do indulge, but only in small portions.”

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The 4 Week Diet Review :- Brian Flatt’s Four Week Diet Details Revealed!

Does the 4 Week Diet work? Is Brian Flatt really a dietician and he created this program? Our In-depth ‘The 4 Week Diet review’ is here.Let’ss find out everything about this much-hyped fitness system which seems legit and working.

Are you tired of starving, taking up unhealthy diets, or spending countless hours in the gym? This 4 Week Diet Plan review could just be what you need. You probably have read or heard about different diet plans for weight loss in the past. Perhaps, you’re beginning to lose faith because of the many shams you have encountered before now. Trust me, I was once like you. One more try doesn’t hurt so much. It could just be what you need.

4 Week Diet Program
It was tough for me too. I had tried several other methods before. I had grown frustrated and hated my body more with each passing day. Nothing was working. The few times I thought I had lost some weight, it came back as soon as I stopped. So when I read about the Four Week Diet by Brian Flatt sometime ago, I was a little Skeptical. But with the much hype and talk about it on social media, plus the real testimonials I saw, I decided to give it a try.

Even though I followed the diet nonchalantly, I lost 16 pounds in under 28 days, and I’ve never looked back ever since. No extra supplement is required, no rigorous exercising, no starving and no pills. A whole lot of positive 4 Week Diet reviews are popping up in Google these days cause like me, the 4 Week Diet guide might just be the last diet plan you’ll ever try.

The 4 Week Diet Review – Brian Flatt’s Fitness Program Revealed!

The 4 Week Diet is a diet plan developed by Brian Flatt for people who wish to lose weight in a convenient, easy way. It is a PDF ebook containing 123 pages of tips for those who need to take out the extra weight around the midsection or anywhere else on the body. It is different from anything else you may have seen and used scientific methods to ensure that you stay safe while shedding off that extra weight.

The eBook promises that if you’re consistent with the 4 Week Diet PDF program, you’re sure to experience great results within 28 days. It is a foolproof system that activates all the 4 fat-burning hormones, such as ghrelin, insulin, cortisol, and adiponectin in your system to burn away all stubborn fat in every part of your body. Its metabolism-boosting function also stimulates your fat cells so that more of your hard-to-lose fat can be burned.


official website

‘s collection of 4 Week Diet Before and After pictures and videos should definitely be enough to convince you. You will see success stories that will inspire you and believe again that you can actually lose weight. Whether it’s a few pounds you intend to lose, or you’re looking to achieve the best shape anyone can ask for, this might just be what you need. Although exercising is not necessary when you use this product, you could take on some physical routines to speed up the weight loss process.

The 4 Week Diet PDF

Key Features of the 4 Week Diet Program

There are quite a number of features you will find when you get this Four Week Diet product. They include the different packages that come with the Book, such as;

  • Launch HandBook:

    This is more like a detailed overview. It introduces you to the 4 Week Diet guide, telling you how it works and explaining how your body works. The book comprehensively touches on the concept of diet plan and explains how your hormones affect your metabolism and limit your weight loss. As the name implies, this launch handbook launches you into a new and exciting world where you’re sure to experience amazing changes in your weight. It doesn’t stop there. The 4 Week Diet system book traces the root causes of why you’re overweight in the first place, scientifically explaining why people gain weight, why it’s hard for them to lose it, and what happens when they eventually do. It goes further to tell you how your fat storage can be stimulated and how to trigger fat burning hormones so that they can function in unison.

  • Diet Handbook:

    This handbook teaches you how to calculate body fat percentage and lean body mass. With this information, you will know how to customize the plan for effective fat loss. This book shows you what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat in a simple and easy way. The good thing is that you can do this with your regular groceries and do not need to buy already packaged weight loss foods. The Diet Handbook also contains a list showing you the foods you must avoid at all cost if you’re serious about losing weight. However, it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying amazing meals, as carefully selected for you in this book.

  • Activity HandBook:

    Although the focus of the 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt is eating healthy foods and does not emphasize the need to exercise. However, if you’re extremely overweight, you might want to add some physical routine to your plan. This Activity HandBook is for you. The book contains easy and quick workout routines that can be done at home. You don’t even need to go to the gym. People do not even need to know what you’re doing until they begin to see a new you emerge. With only 15 minutes every day, you engage in several exercises that have been scientifically put together to help you burn as much fat at the shortest healthy time possible. One of the important point to come up with this positive 4 Week Diet review.

  • Motivation HandBook:

    This is also included in the diet program. Flatt believes that it is only when you can defeat weight gain in your mind that it can manifest on the outside. This 4 Week Diet Exercise program handbook is a great tool that seeks to transform your brain; the most crucial weight loss part of the body. It will help you train your mind to be prepared for the ride. We all know how easy it is to give up on a weight loss program, especially when we’ve done a lot in the past and simply expect results overnight. It is important that your mind is mastered in a way that it understands what your body is about to do. This understanding is necessary for mental readiness. It will help you stick to the plan and stay focused on the goal, instead of the process.

  • Hypnosis Audio:

    I know the word “hypnosis” scares some of you. It scared me too. But if you have come to the edge as I did, this is a very small price to pay. Besides, you should consider this the good kind of hypnosis. And you will never know if hypnosis can help weight loss if you don’t try it. The 4 Week Diet Hypnosis audio works on your mind to reduce your food cravings and gives you the right motivation to take only nutritious foods. Sounds easy right? Yes, it is. All you need to do is listen to an audio. The 4 Week Diet Routine by Brian Flatt contains this weight loss hypnosis audio for mental alertness and change. This change that it causes in your mindset pushes you to take the right nutritional decisions and do only the things that will support your weight loss plan.

  • Purely Scientific:

    The 4 Week Diet book contains a purely scientific formula to losing excess fat. It involves a combination of healthy foods that have been scientifically selected to help you lose weight. It does not require you to take supplements or drugs that are not medically safe. The risk of anorexia is also extremely eliminated because it is a safe diet plan that greatly considers your health.

→ Already decided?

Click Here to Get Your Copy of 4 Week Diet Guide


4 Week Diet Guide

Pros And Cons Of The 4 Week Diet Plan Reviewed!


This much-hyped weight loss system also has its advantages and disadvantages. I could say it has a lot of pros but a limited number of cons. Here it is.

Pros of Brian Flatt’s 4 Week Diet PDF


  • The 4 Week Diet program is very easy and simple to follow. It involves natural processes without the complications that usually follow such diet plans.
  • It is customized to suit specific individual needs. Even veggies can use this 4 Week diet review program because there is a plan for them as well.
  • The plan does not require rigorous exercises and routines. Even when you need this, there’s a simplified routine for you in the package.
  • This 4 Week Diet plan is not like the carrots and broccoli diet plans we have all around us. With this diet plan, you can have tasty meals that you enjoy and love.
  • Furthermore, the plan doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted and tired like most other plans do. You also have enough energy to do all the work you want to do.

4 Week Diet Book Review – Couple of Cons

  • The book is only available in PDF format. It is not available in hard copies, and this could be a challenge for a few people.
  • People with underlying health conditions or overweight should consult a doctor before starting this 4 Week Diet system.

4 Week Diet System

Main Advantages Of The 2 Week Diet System

With just the 4 Week Diet download, you can enjoy amazing benefits including;

  • Easily accessible and affordable meals, don’t have to spend a fortune on a weight loss program.
  • 60-days no questions asked money-back guaranty.
  • eBook itself is budget-friendly. One of the cheapest Diet Book that actually works.
  • Compiled by an actual nutritionist who is well-known and has put his wealth of experience into the book.

A Brief About the 4 Week Diet Creator – Brian Flatt

The 4 Week Diet guide was created and written by Brian Flatt, a renowned nutritionist, and trainer. The eBook is not just any fabrication. Flatt is actually an expert in the field, having amassed several years of experience. There is a good feeling of confidence anytime you buy or use a product that is made by an expert. It is the same feeling here. Just at the Sunny Southern California, you will find Flatt’s R.E.V. fitness company.
brian flatt 4 week diet system

Brian Flatt has reviewed several books and medical studies, over 500 within the last two decades. It is this wealth of experience that he pours into his work and It is the result of this experience that you get when you download the 4 Week Diet PDF. Flatt understands the impractical and rigorous nature of traditional weight loss programs and does so well to avoid them in this book.

Such things as rigorous exercises and calorie control, which are all but draining and frustrating do not reflect his passion to help people look as beautiful as they want to comfortably and safely. He adopts modern scientific methods, putting together lovely diets that help to enhance metabolic health. He partners with Dr. Michael Danzinger to ensure that people can always feel good about themselves. A genuine creator, a working program, and my personal experice are the reason behind this raving 4 Week Diet review.

Does the 4 Week Diet work?

The usefulness of this diet plan is evident in the statistics. Available data show that one-third of populations in America and Europe are overweight. Despite this frightening figure, there are only a few weight loss plans that truly work. The 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt was introduced to fill a void and cater for the health needs of the enormous population who suffer from obesity.

More troubling is the fact that even the few that seem to work usually involve activities that are simply draining. Diets that make you want to visit the fridge and cupboard at night and exercises that begin to feel like military drills. This is why Flatt wrote the 4 Week Diet PDF book to provide a solution that is highly effective and safe, and yet highly enjoyable. The good thing about this plan is that you lose actual fat and not just body mass. This is why it is useful.

Does 4 Week Diet worth your Money?

All the features and facts of this book point to one thing- it is NOT a fraudulent offer. The 4 Week Diet foods are normal, regular foods we all know, but have been carefully put together in a way that they react better to your metabolism. The creator of the eBook is not just anyone, but a known nutritionist and weight loss expert. Also, I took my time to really investigate the 4 Week Diet testimonials and found out that they were real.

The 4 Week Diet results are also genuine and real. The eBook actually works and have been proven time and again. Thousands of people have benefited from the diet plan and much more are still benefitting. You should take advantage of it, right now!

The 4 Week Diet Price and How to Buy?

4 Week Diet guide is priced at $47, as its available in digital format, precisely PDF format, you can download it from the

official website

of the 4 Week Diet ebook by paying this amount through your card or PayPal. Beware of the links on Google saying ‘4 Week Diet free download’. This diet system is only available on their official site, and it’s not free. If you click on any of those links, there is a potential risk of losing your credit card and private information. Click below to buy the 4 Week Diet from their official website.


Click Here to Get the 4 Week Diet Program


The 4 Week Diet plan by Brian Flatt is an improved and proven method that has helped over 30,000 people lose weight. There is actually nothing to lose here. If for any reason, it doesn’t work, you can actually get your money back. It is almost like a free trial. This is, perhaps, the last weight loss method you’ll try because there won’t be a reason to try out another one. Hope our unbiased and comprehensive 4 Week Diet review was helpful.

Click The Image Below To Start Burning Fat Cells Today

The 4 Week Diet


Is ‘skin Whitening Forever’ Really A Worthy Solution For Glowing Skin?


Who would say no to a flawless white skin? The present trend of cosmetic industry is to offer skin whitening products that can whiten your skin complexion. These creams and lotions are very costly and do not offer satisfactory results.

However, there are creams that do offer satisfaction, but it is only for temporary period. And, they contain harmful compounds that may risk your skin for side effects that are as danger as skin cancer. Many countries banned the usage of such compounds from ingredients list.

If a product proves to be offering skin whitening results with no side effects, then the prices touch the sky.

Skin whitening Forever is one of the best solutions for achieving fair complexion within affordable prices. The product guarantees to offer you permanent result


If you use the product, your skin will turn white and glow flawlessly, without any blemishes or scars. The change of complexion is very natural, and you will have no side effects. It is worth a cream that is $5000!

What is the Author saying?

Eden Diaz, the author of Skin Whitening Forever, is the Researcher and Alternative Medical Practitioner of AHHA (American Holistic Health Association).

She is naturally, a Jamaican woman of colour. She was born with a dark brown skin, and spent all her young life with humiliation from white skin.

Though she was born to a white skinned mother, her genes took the physical characteristics of her father. However, her younger sister, born to her mother, took the physical characteristics of her mother. Therefore, Eden Diaz underwent severe embarrassment every now and then, and lost her self-confidence, resulting in severe depression.

She then came to know about skin whitening products that go deep inside the pores and work to give fair skin. In that hunt, she got to use many products, that initially gave her results, but later the situation was worsened. The skin slowly changed to light shade, but the skin started becoming dry and scaly, with dark patches.

She found herself to be the ugliest creature in the world. But she did not give up and still continued the hunt. This is the time she came to know about Skin Whitening Forever, that made her day with a few pennies!

She found that the results were amazing. Now she enjoys a blemish free, flawless white skin!

How It Works?

The product comes in a PDF format to your personal email link.

The package includes practical solutions and beauty treatments, that are shown visually. All the recipes are natural and homemade with simple and easy ingredients, that you can get from any kind of place you live.

These recipes work to go deep into your skin and fade off all the marks left behind by skin imperfections. The recipes go deep into the skin pores, stimulate blood circulation and work directly on melanin, a pigment that determines the skin colour.

After applying the recipe, the production of melanin inside the skin is reduced evenly, to give a fair, even skin tone. Apart from skin whitening, other skin imperfections are also cured simultaneously. The imperfections are freckles, age spots, acne marks, pigmentation, melisma and dark underarms.


The product has a number of benefits from various

aspects like


  • check

    The results are 100% guaranteed or else you can get back your money if you do not find results within 60 days.

  • check

    Apart from complete skin whitening, the product fades of marks left by


    disorders like:

a.    Age spots

b.    Freckles

c.    Acne marks

d.    Melisma

e.    Pigmentation

f.    Dark Underarms

  • check

    The program comes with a link that directs you to practical visuals for many simple homemade beauty treatments that improve your skin complexion.

  • check

    The product comes in a digital format (PDF) that lets you know the secrets to achieve skin whitening in few minutes.

  • check

    You need not wait for the product to come your home. Once you order, you can get the PDF that lets you know how to make solutions for achieving white skin forever.

  • check

    The result gives flawless fair glowing skin, boosting self-confidence from inside.The price is affordable.

  • check

    Ingredients mentioned for the recipes are simple and natural.

  • check

    The product does not show any side effects on the skin.

What is inside the package?

Once you pay the amount to buy the program, the product comes in a portable document format (PDF) to your email address. The complete program comes in PDF format instantly, and you need not wait for delivery.

The digital package includes solutions for skin whitening. The solutions tell you what, how and why to use specific ingredients to make a solution for whitening your skin.

The recipes are homemade, natural, simple and effective. Also, the package includes a 100% money back guarantee if you do not get the results within 60 days from the time of purchase.

Once you achieve your desired complexion, you can follow the guidelines mentioned in the program that help you maintain your skin to glow flawlessly with a blemish free white colour.

What are the real users saying?

According to the customer reviews, the product achieved good and satisfactory rating. Customers who used the product are very happy with the results


It proved to offer solutions for all skin problems as per the promise.

Some customers feel that they are now no more aliens but, angels. Many customers feel that the product is worth more than the defined price.

According to them, the recipes are simple and are very easy to follow by looking at the practical visuals. Also, all the ingredients are natural and very easy to find in any place or country. Satisfied customers referred the product to their friends and dear ones.

Final report

As per the customer reviews, package included in the program, and the promises made by the package, the product appears to be amazing. The product helped many people achieve their dreams.

Customers are the real testers for any product. All the real users are highly satisfied with the product performance

. Also, there is not wrong in giving a try. As the package comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied within 60 days, you can get your money back.

So, after buying the program, if you find that the results are not satisfactory, you can get your money back. Therefore, there is no wrong in trying the product, as you will be at no big loss. If the results are satisfactory, what else do you want? Whole world will start admiring you for your flawless skin!